Leading Anti-Piracy Efforts Since 2015

Mondo Globo has been leading anti-piracy efforts across digital platforms and black/grey-markets through systematic prioprietary methods. In cooperation with rights holders across Europe and North America as well as relevant authorities to eliminate piracy and protect consumers.

Leading Member of Audiovisual Anti-Piracy Alliance (AAPA)

Mondo Globo/MCNC joined the AAPA in 2019 to help protect consumers in Europe from fraudulent and illegal content piracy efforts.

Internal Anti-Piracy Lab

Since 2015, Mondo Globo has operated its own internal anti-piracy lab responsible for shutting down dozens of major pirate distribution networks.

Active member of MENA Broadcast Anti-Piracy Coalition

Mondo Globo is also a recognized member of the Middle Eastern & North African Broadcast Anti-Piracy Coalition.

Eliminating Piracy Across Leading Digital Ecosystems

In cooperation with leading digital ecosystems and marketplaces, Mondo Globo has removed hundreds of pirate distribution networks.